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Welcome to Fennel Restaurant in Inverurie.


COVID - 19 Update Friday 17th July  RESTAURANT NOW OPEN 


​We look forward to welcoming you back, We are working on a new website for you

Following the latest government guidelines, We ask EVERYONE to follow the guidance & signage, no matter what your personal feelings or level of concern.

Please do NOT to ask us to bend the rules as there can be no exceptions and it’s not the staffs fault these procedures are in place nor should other guests be made uncomfortable.

The rules in place at Fennel following the latest laws and guidance which have enabled us to be granted a 1 meter exemption :-

[🥂] Please adhere to the time of your booking as closely as possible, being neither early nor late as there are no waiting areas and this avoids unnecessary contact with other diners.
[🥂] No parties larger than 6 will be taken.

[🥂] No more than 2 households at any one table.

[🥂] Follow signage and guidance from staff maintaining social distancing as far as possible, follow the one way system.
[🥂] We are required to limit the time of your visit to 1hr and 45 minutes, so around an hour and a half at the table allowing for arrival, paying etc.
[🥂] Please wear a face covering until seated.
[🥂] If you are showing ANY of the known symptoms please do not come. Irrespective of whether you believe you have Covid or not.
[🥂] Please do not move around unnecessarily or visit other parties or tables within the restaurant. 
[🥂] Children should be well supervised and not allowed to wander.
[🥂] Use the hand sanitizer provided.
[🥂] Contact details will be required to fulfil our obligations for track and trace.

If you feel unable to comply with any of these or the general guidance then by all means contact us however they are in place for your safety, the safety of our staff and the safety and comfort of others. Therefore they should NOT be considered optional.

Please think of others, stick to the guidance and we’ll all be just note I am pleased to confirm that any vouchers due to expire over the last few months WILL be extended until November 2020.

We will update again here and on social media when the guidelines change.

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Please note we are now closed on Mondays and Tuesdays

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Take care and stay safe,

Bill & Team